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New Tattoos

Here is a post of a few of the new tattoos I have done.


Here is a memorial tattoo that I did for a good customer of mine.  They are totally into motocross so we added a little of that in there will the usual dates and a personal saying.  Check out the detail on the tire, chain and gears!!!

A small ravine for a regular customers mom, her very first tattoo!!!  Just tiny on the hip.

Black and grey owl in a cartoon feel!!

Just a few new photo’s – more to come.  I have been working on a lot of larger pieces / sleeves so I will have some videos in the near future!



Wolf Prints / Wolf Tattoo

Recently I tattooed a lady that wanted  wolf paw prints ripping out of her skin, going up her back and then a wolf on her top shoulder, within a paw print.  As many of you know since I am a custom tattoo artist I always draw what looks the best and is suitable for the location.  I decided to make it a little more feminine after her and her husband discussed it and also agreed – so we just did the prints going up with the wolf on the top and a little bit of scenery behind it, to make it look finished.  No ripping out of the skin, this would have created a completely different look.

I think the overall product turned out great, feminine but all of the elements the customer was looking for.

I love doing nature and animals, black and grey and realism so this was a little of everything.

Feminine Tattoos

Today I thought I would show off a few feminine tattoos, to remind all of you ladies that tattoos can still look feminine and girly and still can be large!  This is a tattoo for this customers children, names look great in banners and the swirls just finish it off.

This is a large fairy tattoo on a foot.  It is a great size for the foot as I could still get all of the details into the tattoo that the customer was looking for.

When planning your tattoo keep in mind there is always a way to make it a little more feminine if that is what you are looking for.