Custom Tattoos and Artwork


Rendition Tattoo – With a custom snake and many changes to the original piece

Recently I had a client bring to me a tattoo that they would like to get done.   It was from another artist (Dmitriy Samohin); I do not photo copy other artists work so I told the customer that I could do something similar. This is what I came up with ….

I changed the woman and her features but we also flowed the petals around into a snake, which is all original work.

I do not normal cater to this request and have said no in the past but with the freedom from the client to change whatever features I wanted and add-on to the piece we came to an agreement and moved forward on a great rendition.




New Tattoos

Here is a post of a few of the new tattoos I have done.


Here is a memorial tattoo that I did for a good customer of mine.  They are totally into motocross so we added a little of that in there will the usual dates and a personal saying.  Check out the detail on the tire, chain and gears!!!

A small ravine for a regular customers mom, her very first tattoo!!!  Just tiny on the hip.

Black and grey owl in a cartoon feel!!

Just a few new photo’s – more to come.  I have been working on a lot of larger pieces / sleeves so I will have some videos in the near future!


More Wings – with blood

For those of you who love wings I recently tattooed some more.  This is an old customer of mine from the USA – they come a couple times every year and it is always a pleasure.  This time instead of just wings the customer wanted wings but with blood dripping off of them.  They are a little different also with the fact that she did not want them to perfectly match, just like most wings in the world.

Wolf Prints / Wolf Tattoo

Recently I tattooed a lady that wanted  wolf paw prints ripping out of her skin, going up her back and then a wolf on her top shoulder, within a paw print.  As many of you know since I am a custom tattoo artist I always draw what looks the best and is suitable for the location.  I decided to make it a little more feminine after her and her husband discussed it and also agreed – so we just did the prints going up with the wolf on the top and a little bit of scenery behind it, to make it look finished.  No ripping out of the skin, this would have created a completely different look.

I think the overall product turned out great, feminine but all of the elements the customer was looking for.

I love doing nature and animals, black and grey and realism so this was a little of everything.

Cancer Ribbon Tattoo

I think everyone can relate to a cancer or awareness ribbon tattoo; there are thousands of them out there but here is a photo showing something a little different.

This ribbon was incorporated into a beautiful butterfly, the whole tattoo the same color as the ribbon.  Simple but feminine, still with a ribbon, but being integrated as a complete piece.

Something that touched all of us but portrayed in an original way.



Fantasy Art – angel and demon.

I love to do this style of art, from the earliest of my beginnings has an artist I admired the art work of Frank Frazetta. 

When ever I get to do anything remotely similar as a tattoo I am enthralled.  Hope you enjoy this tattoo; the classic battle between good and evil depicting an angel fighting for the soul of a lady. The demon below reaching upward while his hand passes through her body while recovering from the wound inflicted by an archangel.


Progression Photo’s of a Portrait

Here are some great progression photo’s from one of my recent customers.

It is a portrait with some important features to represent the customers father and the city that he was born in.

Unfortunately we did not realize the first photo was taken in the opposite direction of all of the other photo’s – sorry.